Sabi University MBA in Johor Bahru

Sabi university MBA

The Executive Masters of Business Administration program at SABI provides managers and aspirant managers with conceptual and theoretical knowledge across a full range of business and managerial practices. SABI’s EMBA degree prepares students to learn within a practice-based applied framework using case studies, guest lecturers, managerial executive tips, seminars from key industry partners and real-world examples.

SABI’s EMBA degree is a one to two year program designed for demanding managers. It comprises 10 subjects and provides an in depth analysis in one of the following fields: Marketing, Management, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.  The EMBA program can be studied full-time over one year or part time over a two-year period.

Course material includes: pre-recorded videos, residential and online workshops as well as residential weekend/weekday classes and activities in the “Flipped Classroom”.

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