Part time UTM Diploma in Johor Bahru, JB


Global Edge Academy (GEA) is committed in promoting the Lifelong Learning by assisting working adults to get into a Part-time UTM Diploma/ Euro Degree/MBA program awarding by local or overseas Universities.

寻找 Part-time 的大学课程吗?SPM文凭在现今已经不足够应付社会需求了哦~是时候提升自己了! 有兴趣想要考取 UTM文凭甚至欧洲文凭吗?UTM大学联办的part-time business 课程现在已经推出了哦~~ 收费大众化,可以用公积金或分期付款缴付学费~ 心动不如行动,欢迎询问。

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